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The Industrial Mechatronics and Automation Exhibition 2017 (IMAE 2017) aims knowledge sharing and to strengthen the industrial and academic societies. It has four main events, i.e.: International Conference on Advanced Mechatronics, Intelligent Manufacture, and Industrial Automation (ICAMIMIA 2017), Seminar Nasional Otomasi Industri dan Teknologi Informasi (SNOITI 2017), Siemens Science Technology Competition (SIEMENS SciTech 2017), and Industrial Mechatronics and Automation Competition (IMAC 2017)

The exhibition covers industrial product promotion and builds mutual linkages. Technical seminar is offering an opportunity to explore product technologies. It is highly expected that the exhibition is being participated by international industries, institutions, and a wide range of contributors and partners. Supporting this event, an international conference invites researchers, academicians, and professionals to share recent works and state of the art of science and technology. An international competition in robotics, mechatronics, and automation, is offered to the student in dealing with introduction of technology, which is supported by potential industries.

Conclusively, a great support, contribution, and participation in IMAE 2017 are highly appreciated for successive events.

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Events :

  1. ICAMIMIA 2017 (12-14 October, 2017)
  2. SNOITI 2017 (23-25 November, 2017)
  3. SIEMENS SciTech (9-11 October, 2017)
  4. IMAC 2017

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